Exceptional Selling Notes - Part One / by TJ Kastning

Recently I have been studying the book Exceptional Selling by Jeff Thull.

After only the foreword and preface there were a page of notes scribbled in front of me; some bear repeating.

  • Sales is not a consistent predictable process to an accomplished salesmen because their client leads the conversation speaking about their need in their terms and meanings. Many companies resolve the sales process into a flow-chart which crams needs and wants of their customers into a process ideal for the company but relies on their product's attractiveness instead of a client oriented relationship. Certainly this is an acceptable method of some types of sales but in my space, professional recruiting, the personal client-focused approach is essential. I want significant relationships with clients so strongly that I cannot use an nonrelational process to capture a client's need. 
  • Custom solution design (instead of prepackaged products) must be a focus for clients to have the confidence to spend and refer. Each client's needs and expectations must be thoroughly understood before proceeding with a contractual solution. Of course, this applies more to the consulting side more than retail or ecommerce.

"Custom solutions for challenging hires."

Truly great and loved salesmen are exceptional conversationalist and great diagnosticians. Like a chess master knows his pieces and the board's landscape a great salesman knows how to symbiotically solve a client's problem through intense communication. 

Career sales is radically misunderstood. Only selfish, dogmatic, and deaf people are in sales and they only sell useless goods, seems to be a common perception. Furthermore, the phone sales that dominates my work is twice as distasteful since it lacks constant face-to-face work.

To be truly successful in business anyone must realize they are in sales too, regardless of how effective they are. Negative selling is a thing to be avoided. More than once a candidate has talked themselves out of a job their resume guaranteed because they were not aware of the need they were selling their services too and vastly missed their mark.