Ideal Office Space / by TJ Kastning

Our office is considering an interior improvement to expand the "bullpen" (area where recruiters do their recruiting thing) and centralize management office. Coincidently I am also looking for a house, so optimizing living/working arrangements has been front-of-mind.

Of course this is subjective to my style of business, yours may vary.

  1. Lots of natural light; skylights and full wall windows.
  2. Wide open spaces to avoid the cramped call-center feeling. Also, plenty of room to pace while on the phone.
  3. Tall ceilings for sound mitigation and a comfort.
  4. Desks with built-in Mac Minis, integrated wiring, and wheels so they can easily be rolled around.
  5. An open patio which will be used as an outside workspace in sunny weather. The mobile desks will allow teams to work outside with minimal productivity loss.
  6. Hanging sound dampening, for obvious reasons.
  7. Private offices to be used by management and as a perk for top producers.

Hot-desking, the practice of working from where-ever in the office, is an interesting concept which can work in our version of recruiting except having multiple screens is extremely helpful and the hot-desking style really limits one to a laptop.